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This website is inspired by a Dream the late Pastor O. E. Bogart was given many years ago.
The Last Day Messenger, Revelation Answers, is a prophetic look at the end of time. According to the King James Version of the Holy Bible, the end of time is coming.  It may be sooner than we think!  The prophets of the Old and the New Testaments gave insight into what can be expected in the end days. The Last Day Messenger, Revelation Answers, explores the themes regarding those times.  Learn what the Bible has to say about the condition God’s people must be in to survive: the coming of the Anti Christ, the White Horse Rider, the number 666, the City Four Square and many other events mentioned in the Bible.  Each theme is backed by scriptures quoted directly from the King James version of the Holy Bible. So, find the theme that interests you. Click on one of the buttons. Then grab your Bible and get ready to study.
The writings posted upon this website are intended to help people of all nationalities have a better understanding of the many mysteries and lessons written throughout the King James Bible. Please feel free to download or print any of these writings to assist in the teaching of the Word of God with the understanding that all writings are copyrighted and shall not be reproduced nor published as original material or be used for financial gain.